about your practitioner:

Ann is a second degree Reiki Practitioner following the standards and discipline of Usui Shiki Ryoho, a holistic healing method founded in the early 1900's by Japanese monk, Mikao Usui. This beautiful tradition of gentle, yet powerful healing is widely used and practiced throughout the world.

Ann's interest in Reiki began in an effort to support friends and loved ones, who like so many of us, experience stress and anxiety. The study and daily practice of Reiki had a huge impact on her own health and life goals. She pursued and earned her first degree certification in November of 2019 and her second degree certification in June, 2020 under the guidance and support of teacher and mentor, Reiki Master, Anu Butani.

For Ann, the daily practice of Reiki has been an effective reminder to remain present. It has relieved stress and has improved sleep. It has helped with residual pain and discomfort from two spine surgeries. Reiki restores balance, encourages mindfulness and promotes mental and emotional clarity as well as peace of mind.

Ann is happy to share the benefits of reiki with those who seek more peace and less stress in their life.